May 12

Matunkha Desktop Calendar May

There is more focus on nature in Malawi, which is good news. Recently Elephants have been translocated to area’s where there numbers have declined and together with that, the punischment for poaching has been tougher. Both of these are necessary, because nature is struggeling in this country with its growing... read more →
Mar 07

Matunkha Desktop Calendar March

Sometimes a picture does not need to be 100% sharp to be valuable. Like this one: a cheerful young boy, playing with an old bicycle wheel. Father, brothers, sisters and friends in the background in rural Rumphi. Where there is nothing, so everything that is redundant can be used as... read more →
Feb 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar February

The Vervet Monkey is still quite common in Malawi. You can still spot them, even outside national parks and other protected areas. We mostly see them allongside roads and on camping sites, were they are quite bold in their behaviour. They are not very common in villages; there are too... read more →
Jan 05

Matunkha Desktop Calendar January

2017 Is history. Is was a good year for Matunkha and our work. This picture, we use a lot in our reports to show what we like to achieve in Malawi: beautiful, healthy, and happy children, living in an environment where it is safe, with good healthcare en proper education.... read more →
Dec 03

Matunkha Desktop Calendar December

Rainy season hast started and while I try to stay dry under a hopelessly leaking grassroof, this lady continues with her laundry. She obviously doesn't need the water from the borehole at the moment, but just to be accurate: it gives proper, clean, potable water. We have had it tested... read more →
Oct 26

Matunkha Desktop Calendar November

Elephant are remarkable animals, I think most people will agree. You don’t experience that very well in a zoo and our visitors often respond on our suggestion to see them in Vwaza: “we have already seen elephants”. Once in Vwaza, because we always persuade them to go anyway, their assumption... read more →
Sep 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar September

Young girls with babies on their back is a regular sight in Malawi, usually the babies are younger brothers or sisters. More often then we would hope it is their own baby. In Malawi there is a law against the marriage of girls younger than 18 years, but the cultural... read more →
Aug 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar August

A black & white greeting from the Nyika Plateau. Our centre finds itself at the foot of the plateau, which has been a protected area for many decades now as a National Parc. The plateau is very important, not only for the unique landscapes, animals, orchids, reptiles, birds and butterflies,... read more →
Jul 16
Jul 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar July

Life in service of the mission and helping to develop Malawi has different sides to it. The people are friendly, the climate is nice and the nature is beautiful. Opposite this there is a lack of development, initiative and responsibility. The government gets and has more difficulties by the day... read more →