The Matunkha Development Trust has been registered on June 26 juni 1995 as a local non-governmental organization in Malawi under the name of: Future Vision Ministries.
Future Vision Ministries is a Canadian organization founded by Dan and Chris Hayhoe. This organization managed the Popcorn House, a center where assistance was provided to children and their families living around the center. They organized children- and youth programs, after school care and several activities for adults.

After obtaining land from the traditional king, classrooms for a primary school were constructed. Several Canadians have given leadership to the project and it was regularly visited from Canada.
In 1998 a collaboration with the Netherlands was started. Bert Nanninga and his family moved to Rumphi and the Dutch Foundation supported the Matunkha Centre both financially, materially and as well with volunteers coming to work at Matunkha.

Over the years the Centre has expanded and a number of departments and activities were started, both in the villages as well at Matunkha. In 2008 Matunkha became a fully independent organization and the name was changed into the Matunkha Development Trust.