Cultural tour

Cultural tour

Cultural tour: A tour through an authentic village where Tumbuka people show you their trades and how they earn a living

After breakfast at Matunkha, you will be brought by car to a nearby village about 2 kilometers away. The chief of the village, Chief Vyalema, will welcome you with traditional dances and music. A local guide who speaks English, mostly the daughter or grand-daughter of the Chief, will guide you around and introduce you to several activities. You are free to ask questions, make pictures and talk with the villagers you meet on the way. You will see activities such as making fish traps and baskets. A visit to a herbalist who can explain which trees are used for medical use is on the program as well.

The tour ends at the house of the Chief with a typical Malawian lunch and a talk with the Chief. Afterwards, a bicycle taxi is ready to bring you back to Matunkha.

You will be collected from the restaurant around 8.45am and brought by car to the village. The tour itself is by foot. Around 1pm the tour will end with a lunch and you will go back to Matunkha by bicycle taxi.

This activity costs U.S. $ 27,50 per person.

NB. It is not possible to purchase items during the tour. If you would like to get something, please ask the reception at the restaurant. This is done because we don’t want that people, and especially children, will get used to beg for money from tourists.