Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi: What is a visit to Malawi without seeing the beautiful lake Malawi?

Lake Malawi, known locally as the ‘Nyassa Lake’, is the third largest freshwater lake in Africa and the eighth largest in the world. Lake Malawi has more different species of fish than any other lake on Earth. The famous aquarium fish, better known as ‘cycliden’ come from this lake. It is also the second deepest lake in Africa with great visibility up to 21 meters underwater. But more, the lake has beautiful beaches and the people who live there, the fishermen and their families are very friendly people who will give you a warm welcome. So if you have time for a day trip, enough reasons to see this fantastic lake from nearby and see and feel the water.

On the way to the lake we will visit some hot springs and an old local bridge, a ‘monkey bridge’.

We leave Mathunka during weekdays at 8am, just after breakfast. You will be picked up from the restaurant for a journey of just over an hour to Chitimba where you can enjoy a beautiful white beach, that belongs to Mathunka. A delicious picnic and chairs are taken by your tour guide. Around 4pm we return to Mathunka.

This activity costs you:
when traveling with 4 guests: U.S. $ 60,00 per person
when traveling with 3 guests: U.S. $ 75,00 per person
when traveling with 2 guests: U.S. $ 110,00 per person