Livingstonia & Lake Malawi

Livingstonia & Lake Malawi

Livingstonia & Lake Malawi: Combining a visit to the 100-year-old mission post and the third largest freshwater lake in Africa.

The trip to Livingstonia on Kondowe Plateau is an adventurous activity. Most of the journey on dirt roads with stunning views and friendly saluting people along the road. During the rainy season, the road can change in a mud river. Frequently you see large trucks full of coal that are stuck in the mud, something our four-wheel-drive car can also happen.

We start with a visit to Livongstonia, at the top of the mountain. Livingstonia is a place with many attractions:
– The Stonehouse, built by Dr.. Laws, where you can now eat and sleep
– A historical museum
– An impressive church
– The oldest and the youngest university of Malawi
– A mission hospital
– The famous Manchewe waterfalls
– Gorgeous views of lake Malawi. When the weather is clear it is possible to see Tanzania.

The road down to the lake brings you to Lukwe eco-tourim Camp for the night. Lukwe has beautiful gardens, in the gardens they cultivate their own vegetables, fruits and species. You can walk around and the gardener loves to tell you something about the gardens. Enjoy a sublime meal under the stars, this will be one of your best nights of your holiday.

The next morning we continue our journey down the road with 18 hairpins. Downstairs you will reach Lake Malawi from where you will be offered a picnic on the beach. You can have a swim or visit a wood cutting market.

In the afternoon we head back to Matunkha, during our way back it’s possible to visit a hot spring and an old bridge.

For this trip we leave Mathunka at 9am. The next day we return just before dark.

This activity costs you:
when traveling with 4 persons: US$ 137,50 per person
when traveling with 3 persons: US$ 170,00 per person
when traveling with 2 persons: US$ 215,00 per person

Fares based on full board.