Nkonjera Mountain

Nkonjera Mountain

Nkonjera Mountain: Camping in nature on the top of the mountain

Mphande is a small village at the foot of the beautiful Nkhonjera mountain, the second highest mountain of Nyika Plateau. Matunkha and Mphande village have organized a special hike to the top of Nkhonjera mountain. Hiking to the top of this mountain, with carriers for the luggage, will give you a spectacular view over the Nyika plateau and the Nkamanga plains.

This mountain is in the Nyika National Park, a protected nature reserve. So entry fees need to be paid and an armed scout will go with us.

You will leave Matunkha by car, directly after an early breakfast, to the foot of Nkhonjera Mountain, where a guide and carriers are waiting, ready for the start.We will bring everything with us, including our accommodation (tents with airbeds and sleeping bags) and food, cause there is nothing built on the mountain: pure naturel. The climb up will take about 4 hours, depending of fitness. Slowly you will see the vegetation changing, less people and more wild animals and birds can be spotted.

On top of the mountain, lunch will be prepared with a small fire and water from one of the many streams. The afternoon can be used to explore the top and spot animals such as monkeys, porcupines and small antelopes. Spending a night camping in the bush, with the sounds of nature around you and a splendid starry sky, will be a very special experience.

In the morning you can refresh yourself at one of the streams closeby. After a hearty breakfast you will hike down to the village from where you will be brought back to Matunkha by car. We will arrive at Mathunka in the afternoon.

It is also possible to 2 stay nights on the mountain and enjoy another full day of hiking and exploring.

This activity for one night costs, per person, if you travel with:
4 guests: U.S. $ 65,00
3 guests: U.S. $ 80,00
2 guests: U.S. $ 105,00

This includes transport, guide, meals, drinks, snacks and entry fees.