Vwaza Marsh

Vwaza Marsh

Vwaza Marsh: A forgotten gem in northern Malawi

A relatively small and uncrowded national park tucked away in the north of Malawi. From Mathunka you can reach the park with a car, bicycle or even by  foot. At Vwaza you will find a piece of untouched nature where you can see all kinds of animals such as elephants, buffels, several deers, crocodiles and hippos who come to drink and play at lake Kazuni. There are also beautiful birds to admire.

In the evening, just before dark, we will make a tour inside the national park. After that, we will enjoy the evening at the campfire. You can sleep in a cottage or in a tent.

The next morning starts with a walk with a local guide who can tell you a lot about the park. After breakfast there is time to relax. Around lunchtime you will be brought back by car to Matunkha.

If you go by bike or by  foot, leave around 6.30am from Matunkha. The car will take your luggage. If desired a guide will go with you. If you go by car, we depart around 10am and arrive at Vwaza around lunchtime.

It is possible to stay for several nights in the park.

This activity costs you:
when traveling with 4 guests: U.S. $ 120,00 per person
when traveling with 3 guests: U.S. $ 145,00 per person
when traveling with 2 guests: U.S. $ 185,00 per person

All prices are based on full board and include the entrance fee to the park.