Apr 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar April

According to recent statistics 45% of the population is younger than 14 year. That is over 7.5 million children! Al these children need to go to school when they turn 6 and that is an impossible task for Government. Therefore it is a good thing that there are lots of NGO’s – Non Governmental Organisations – that take responsibility for a substantial part of that task.

Also at Matunkha we have a primary school, which we operate in good cooperation with and under the responsibility of the District Education Manager. In our meeting this week he again expressed his gratitude for organisations like Matunkha, that want to provide quality education to Malawian children.

Of course: our school is just a drop in the ocean, but in the end, a lot of drops can solve this problem. And when you look a child at our school in the eyes, you realise that that is finally what matters: each individual child that is taken care of.