Apr 03

Matunkha Desktop Calendar April

Children are and have the future, but what if a culture values their ancestors more? Here we often see that the money, which was saved for the education of the children, is spend on the funerals of (distant) relatives, because culture dictates this is more important. In the west we don’t have a problem making the choice that benefits the individual, because we tend to focus more on the individual. However in Africa it is not about the individual. It is about family, the extended family, the village and the co-workers. The community. This makes it much harder to make a choice that benefits the individual. Some time ago WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) was a trend. This can help when in doubt what choice to make, but this question is developed in a culture with an individual lifestyle. Making it hard to use in Africa.

Children are the future and that is why Matunkha for the past 21 years has been making an effort to help develop and educate them. We offer a primary school education, scholarships for secondary school, vocational training and education for women. There are 60 employees and we also provide health care, so even the elderly get care.
Matunkha is a project for people from 3 till …

Attached is a picture of children because we believe that it start with hem. It helps that they tend to pose nicely (picture by Laurens Pruis).

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