Aug 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar August

“ Water is Life” is a famous and often used expression here. Drinking water and for plants of course, but also for cooking, fishing and transport. In our country is not a lot of development, as is illustrated with this boat, the common type on the Lake and in te rivers. Also in te area of water-security, there is little development.

We are sustaining already for 20 years, together with the people that depend on it, a water-system. It brings clean water from a small river to 55 communal taps. The past years we have invested heavily in maintenance and improvement of the system. That is of course necessary for a system which is existing for so long and is so crucial for so many people. At the moment we are introducing watermeters to spread the costs evenly over usage and we are, together with authorities, marking the area around the river as “protected area”. This is very important, because the pressure on the area is increasing due to  the growth of the population.

The word “Matunkha” means: “Living water”. The beauty is, that our mission is both about clean water for the people in the villages and about Living Water for everybody (John 7:37-39).