Aug 31

Matunkha Desktop Calendar September

Vwaza Marsh is one of the special surprises of the area we live in. It’s an unspoiled, typical African savannah. The majority of tourists don’t go there: they visit the Masai Mara, Serengeti or Kruger Park. Vwaza is a little outside the main routes, so as a tourist you have to make an effort to get there. That’s great for us, of course. It means that most of the time we have the whole area for ourselves and with a bit of luck the elephants will just pass by. Under the roof it’s safe: there the animals consider us part of their normal environment.

Some weeks ago a herd of 8 elephants was in Rumphi. That’s absolutely completely strange and rare. In the night they crossed over our Centre and if I wouldn’t have seen the elephant dung myself, next to the school toilets, I wouldn’t have believed it. These came from Nyika: the border of that park is just a few kilometers north of us. The rangers have chased them back. That’s the safest thing to do, for both animals and humans.