Feb 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar February

Often it is that simple like in this case. It takes a good listener, an appropriate
advice and a couple that takes some practical action. This makes all the difference.

This young boy Robert, was carried on his mother’s back his whole life, because there was something wrong with him. So for 8 years his mother lugged him around. Until last year: Because Inge Dernison came to work as a volunteer at Matunkha, we could have more focus on the handicapped children in our catchment area. The volunteer in the remote village Bondi, contacted Ineke about Robert and that was a good initiative. Robert has some restrictions, but he still has some abilities too, so with some basic exercises, a lot could be achieved. A simple supporting structure to learn walking could help Robert enormously and his father started to construct it.

So it happened. After 2 months Robert was able to walk the whole distance of the structure and was smiling again! His life and that of his mother are changing enormously. Now there is a future perspective!!