Nov 30

Matunkha Desktop Calendar December

December is to Malawi what spring is elsewhere: the time of new life. Halfway the month (more or less) the rains start and they end the dry season that has lasted for 8 months. The whole country replies with activities on the fields: people start to prepare and sow in order to reap four months later. Maize for food for the coming year, tobacco to sell, to generate some income for cloths, schoolfees, etc. That’s why we show you this picture displaying a rainbow over a dry maize-field as a symbol of hope.

Of course; tobacco is not a fine product. Its only way of usage makes people sick and kills them. But for the people here there is no alternative. It is the only way to generate money with foreign currency in a country where there are not enough funds to have decent economical development. That’s why it is great to see foreign companies investing in sustainable and clean products. Like Macadamia nuts or a Moringa plantation: a development inspired by our small plantation at Matunkha and with the cooperation of some (ex-)staff of Matunkha. It is a great development because, like Matunkha, the company places the employment opportunities in the broader perspective of human responsibility. And that is according to the bilblical principles. Because only when people take up such stewardship, real sustainable development is possible.