Dec 03

Matunkha Desktop Calendar December

Rainy season hast started and while I try to stay dry under a hopelessly leaking grassroof, this lady continues with her laundry. She obviously doesn’t need the water from the borehole at the moment, but just to be accurate: it gives proper, clean, potable water. We have had it tested in Holland, because there will be some commercially agricultural activity here. That the borehole gives potable water is an excemption in our area: most boreholes gif salty water, hardly suitable for consumption. On our way coming we even passed a completely corroded pump; They told me the water is so aggressive that it even destroyed a supposedly rostfree handpump.

Water is life; that’s very obvious when you are living here. We, as well as the people in our catchment area, have experienced that. Due to three selfish farmers, who decided to grow tobacco in the riverbed of the river that  supplies clean water. So at the height of the dry season, the river dried up, causing over 10.000 people not to have water anymore. And because Malawians are extremely polite and friendly people, it took very long before they confronted the situation. It took 10 weeks before actions started and last week they stopped the illegal farming activity. The day thereafter it started to rain, so we all have water again. The planting season can start! Rainy season is just like  spring in Holland: the start of new life!!