Feb 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar February

The Vervet Monkey is still quite common in Malawi. You can still spot them, even outside national parks and other protected areas. We mostly see them allongside roads and on camping sites, were they are quite bold in their behaviour. They are not very common in villages; there are too many people and dogs.

Nature is in problems in Malawi. With a growing population that is for 90% depending on own agriculture, the natural environment is suffering. There should be more attention for proper management, but in a country with such a huge amount of problems in so many areas, the attention for enviromental problems is low.

So we find ourselves living in a country with stunning nature, vertile soils, an incredible clean lake, superfriendly people, while facing so many health and food issues. One wonders: will this ever improve?

But it has to improve, because when people cooperate the way they were meant to do, and God blesses, anything is possible!!