Feb 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar February

Matunkha is located at the slope of a hill (the Bumba mountain) and on the edge of a valley. Rumphi is the small town in this valley and through it meanders a river: the South Rukuru. This river has water throughout the year, but when the dry season reaches its end the waterlevel tends to drop severly.  This picture was taken at the end of last years dry season. When stepping into the river your feet got wet; just up to your ankels. .
A well-known saying here is: “Water is life”. And it’s true. In Holland we normally have more than enough water; in Malawi the situation is totally different. A little bit of the Dutch watermanagement-innovativity would be welcome, but unfortunately innovation is not a frequently used word in Malawi. As a result, the people in Malawi will depend on when and how much rain falls for much longer . This feels uncomfortable: doesn’t the Bible instruct man to take responsibiltiy for his situation and to develop the earth? If so, Malawi has a long way to go. For now, the river is slowly filling up again. The raining season has started, it’s later than usual and with much less rains and water. The next months will not be without worries, I’m afraid.