Jul 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar July

Life in service of the mission and helping to develop Malawi has different sides to it. The people are friendly, the climate is nice and the nature is beautiful. Opposite this there is a lack of development, initiative and responsibility. The government gets and has more difficulties by the day and the churches (just as us) are working hard to explain what the word of God can mean for people. Maybe it feels different in the cities in Malawi, but here in the rural area things don’t seem to get better.

The beautiful side to this work is that in a situation where people have so little, you can make such a difference with a just little. Look at the kid in this picture: he is disabled which makes it harder for his parents to take care of him. In Malawi people know so little about disabilities and they tend to think is caused by witchcraft. As a part of the program that Ineke runs in the villages she brings the disabled kids to Matunkha a few times a year. She offers them distraction and they play games. She also offers the families more information so that they can come to a better understanding of their child. During such a day some parents get the realisation that their child is an individual who has different characteristics, but still is their child! What does such a day cost? Next to nothing, but it can give a great deal to these families.

In the picture you can see what such a day can give a disabled child.  This picture was taken by Bert Huisman during his visit last May.