Jul 11

Matunkha Desktop Calendar July

We enjoyed our leave in Holland in June and were astonished about how fast we were moving again in the speed of Dutch living. Upon return in Malawi we had to get used to the different type of living here and it was that serious, that I totally forgot to make a new calendar page. So I’ll correct my mistake now:

It’s good to mention positive things about Malawi: we easily tend to ignore that.
There is positive progress in nature-conservation in Malawi. Not so much in the protection of trees shrubs and forests, but especially of animals. Over the past years big international organisations have been fighting tooth and nail to protect certain areas and to reintroduce indigenous animals that had disappeared. In the south of Malawi there are two parks were you can spot again big cats such as Lions and Cheetahs. And they successfully breed now, so the hopes for the future are high. This will encourage many nature-loving tourists to come and bring big numbers of foreign currency into the country. These currencies, together with those of responsible commercial operations focussing on export, can really boost development of Malawi.
So that’s why this month we have an animal-picture: a Leopard on the Nyika Plateau. Once the Plateau was famous for its Leopard population, but nowadays it’s not so easy to spot one. The developments I mentioned give us good hope that also this population will recover in the future.