Jun 14

Matunkha Desktop Calendar June

Malawi follows a similar development as in other “developing countries”: more improvement is concentrating on the big cities, while there is hardly any money for developing the rural areas. All in all the rural situation is declining, the rural population is growing and people without education move to the cities without any chance of finding work.

This picture was taken in 2008 and when you visit the villages in our catchment area today, there is hardly any difference. Of course it’s not a problem how these children are dressed or that they play with own-made toys. As Matunkha we care about real welfare: Is there proper housing, food, clean water, healthcare and education for the children? In those areas we see things going wrong. And there is a consensus that things are worse than 10 or 20 years ago.

For example: Only 50% of the children at a primary school get selected for secondary education. Of that 50% many of them are unable to pay the school fees and another percentage fails to complete (pregnancies, (forced) marriages, unable to study well, pressure to work for the family). On average the level of education in the population goes down. As Matunkha we do our very best with a very good primary school of which 80% is being selected for secondary education. We pay school fees for 70 children at secondary schools en we have a vocational training program. We would love to start a secondary school, but at the moment we cannot oversee the financial consequences.
We fulfill our Biblical mission to care for vulnerable children as responsible as possible. And each child who gets a better chance is a child with a future!