Feb 28

Matunkha Desktop Calendar March

Who likes a hyena as background on his computer; aren’t those ugly, dirty, smelly animals?
Considering we sent you this picture, you might wonder wether we agree with that view. We don’t, actually. We think there isn’t much in nature that can be considered ugly; it’s a matter of perspective.
Anyway, hyena’s are remarkable animals, with a distinct appearance. They have a interesting social life and play an important role in the circle of life. While lions eat at much as possible the tasty bits of a prey, the hyena’s take care of the bits that are difficult to eat or to digest, after which the vultures clean up the leftover bits and pieces and finally termites finish-off all the leftovers, including the bigger bones. That whole process can go very fast: an animal with the size of a buffalo can be gone within 24 hrs, although the termites’ part take longer.
This animal is still around in Malawi and strangely enough the best place to see them is the capital Lilongwe, where they scavenge on the garbage. In the natural habitats they have become quite rare and shy. We are sometimes able to see them at the Nyika Plateau where they live as solitairy animals.
But no matter how ugly you might think they are;: everybody gets excited when spotting a hyena.