May 06

Matunkha Desktop Calendar May

In Malawi you can spot kingfishers in all kinds of colours, but in a limited number of sizes. Most of them are very small, but this is the biggest of them all: the Giant Kingfisher. He is the size of an oversized Pigeon, so quite an impressive Kingfisher. He is found in our area too: we sometimes spot him at the river in our valley.

That river has water throughout the year, giving possibilities for irrigation to people living in the area. Unfortunately that does not happen very often; most people feel trapped in their poverty and see no options to do anything about it. It is very sad, when someone fails to follow up on the possibilities that God has given to develop and improve the situation. And the future of the children.
That’s why at Matunkha our most important activities are: education & development, information & stimulation. That is impossible when you are here for a short project-period. This requires a long-term commitment; the most important basis for Matunkha. In doing so you develop a relationship with the people and earn trust.

What does that mean for “sustainability”, you might wonder? I will write about that next time.