May 12

Matunkha Desktop Calendar May

There is more focus on nature in Malawi, which is good news. Recently Elephants have been translocated to area’s where there numbers have declined and together with that, the punischment for poaching has been tougher. Both of these are necessary, because nature is struggeling in this country with its growing population, depending on small-scale farming.
This type of farming can not sustain on the long term. The production of small-scale farming can not be compared in any way with the possible proceeds with bigger scale and varied farming. This results in a big challenge for the government and future will learn if Malawi will convert to another way of farming.
Lions are slowly returning to several wildlife-area’s. You can spot thema again in Majete, in the south and also Cheetahs have been reintroduced into Liwonde National Park. This is quit important, because more focus on nature will boost tourism and that might be the most sustainable economical development for this country. Lets hope that will happen!