Apr 30

Matunkha Desktop Calendar May

While we were working on the previous calendar page, a storm hit Mozambique, south Malawi and east Zimbabwe. As often happens, people in western countries were earlier and better informed than we were. We received many questions, which at first we didn’t understand. Later we heard about the disaster, although luckily the southern part of Malawi did not get the intense storm as in Mozambique. Water and weather are recurring issues in our publications: Those are important aspects in daily life of the people here, but the tougher your situation, the harder you get hit by such events.

This lake is of great importance for the people in Malawi: our beautiful Lake Malawi. Cristal clear and clean water and only small-scale fishing, as you can see from the little ‘boats’ in the picture. For us the lake is a great place to relax, but for many people it means hard labour to earn a small living. The same applies to the majority of the people here. Next month there will be elections for a new president and many hope for a just and wise president who will push this country to better living circumstances. We share that hope, but the best way to a better life is through the King of this World. We hope that many will find that way….