Feb 28

Matunkha Desktop Calendar March

This picture is taken from ‘our’ hill: Bumba. Almost 25 years ago, the Matunkha Centre had the opportunity to develop this area and during that time it has been transformed from a barren hill with a few maize fields into a lush green mountain, filled with trees and shrubs.

The panorama gives an idea of the valley; the South Rukuru River runs through it and at the moment the river is completely full. It is the peak of the rainy season and we are almost sure that Malawi is not going to have any food problems this year. That is a blessing and this picture is a beautiful presentation of that.

Psalm 104 sounds like it has been composed yesterday: “Birds build their nests nearby and sing in the trees. From your home above you send rain on the hills and water the earth. You let the earth produce grass for cattle, plants for our food.”