Nov 05

Matunkha Desktop Calendar November

The peculiar bird on the picture is a Ground Hornbill. A big bird with an enormous bill. We don’t see them very often in Malawi, as they are seriously endangered. Of course because of human behaviour. A Hornbill couple lays 2 eggs of which mostly only one will survive. But people want these eggs, because they have magical powers. And so the birds are struggling to reproduce.

People have more often magical ideas about animals. Last Monday a Barn Owl flew into our big hall, while we were in our morning devotion with the staff and schoolchildren. Owls bring bad news and f.i. Chameleons are connected with danger. If you touch those: something bad will happen to you.

I took the opportunity to explain especially about Owls and Chameleons. Those are animals that eat a lot of harmful and dangerous animals: mice, rats, flies and mosquitoes. We should not kill them, but cherish them. Protect and allow them nesting possibilities.

That’s what we do at Matunkha. And guests visiting us know that we always assist Chameleons crossing the roads. Living in Gods nature also means knowing what is dangerous and what is not.