Aug 31

Matunkha Desktop Calendar September

Aids is still around, but due to the Aids medicins it plays a much smaller role in society. Because of these medicins, less people get ill and the danger for spreading the disease is considerably lower. There is still regularly hunger and water is likely to maintain a vulnerable asset for the coming years, but fortunately we were able to have more attention for the children. With educational- and health programs and extra curricular activities. And we are able to include the disabled children in our programs too. To provide education and information for parents, and assist with supporting devices. The entertaining days at Matunkha with games and playing together are highlights in the mostly boring days of these children. With these simple and cheap programs, the quality of life improves considerably for this vulnerable group.
We run these programs mainly with volunteers from Holland. Inge Dernison has just returned to Holland but her work during 4 months has a huge impact on these children such as Madelitso, seen on this picture.
Animism is still everywhere and handicaps are easily misinterpreted as work of the devil. With information about the body, brains, muscles and nerves, we are able to decrease the influence of the devil and restore faith and trust in God.