Sep 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar September

Young girls with babies on their back is a regular sight in Malawi, usually the babies are younger brothers or sisters. More often then we would hope it is their own baby. In Malawi there is a law against the marriage of girls younger than 18 years, but the cultural custom is usually a lot more important. The majority of the people live in the rural areas making it harder to enforce this law.

Recently  it happened at Matunkha: a young girl who graduated from our primary school and lives at the centre became pregnant from her stepfather. This is a terrible thing. The life of the girl seems to be over and just be beginning at the same time. It is comforting that we have capable staff that can be of service in such a time and help the girl out. They have already started to organize for her to maintain her place at the secondary school after the baby is born. Now they are searching for a safe environment for her to stay during the pregnancy.

Every morning we start with a reading and study from scripture with all the staff. It is clear that the word of God is needed here, as it is needed all over the world.