Jun 14

Matunkha Desktop Calendar June

Malawi follows a similar development as in other “developing countries”: more improvement is concentrating on the big cities, while there is hardly any money for developing the rural areas. All in all the rural situation is declining, the rural population is growing and people without education move to the cities... read more →
Apr 30

Matunkha Desktop Calendar May

While we were working on the previous calendar page, a storm hit Mozambique, south Malawi and east Zimbabwe. As often happens, people in western countries were earlier and better informed than we were. We received many questions, which at first we didn’t understand. Later we heard about the disaster, although... read more →
Apr 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar April

According to recent statistics 45% of the population is younger than 14 year. That is over 7.5 million children! Al these children need to go to school when they turn 6 and that is an impossible task for Government. Therefore it is a good thing that there are lots of... read more →
Feb 28

Matunkha Desktop Calendar March

This picture is taken from ‘our’ hill: Bumba. Almost 25 years ago, the Matunkha Centre had the opportunity to develop this area and during that time it has been transformed from a barren hill with a few maize fields into a lush green mountain, filled with trees and shrubs. The... read more →
Feb 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar February

Often it is that simple like in this case. It takes a good listener, an appropriate advice and a couple that takes some practical action. This makes all the difference. This young boy Robert, was carried on his mother’s back his whole life, because there was something wrong with him.... read more →
Dec 29

Matunkha Desktop Calendar January

This picture has been taken on the Centre just a few weeks ago. Normally we have water from taps at the houses from our water-system, but recent years have proven to be different. Every year, earlier in the dry season our water source (a small river) dries up, causing problems... read more →
Nov 30

Matunkha Desktop Calendar December

December is to Malawi what spring is elsewhere: the time of new life. Halfway the month (more or less) the rains start and they end the dry season that has lasted for 8 months. The whole country replies with activities on the fields: people start to prepare and sow in... read more →
Nov 05

Matunkha Desktop Calendar November

The peculiar bird on the picture is a Ground Hornbill. A big bird with an enormous bill. We don’t see them very often in Malawi, as they are seriously endangered. Of course because of human behaviour. A Hornbill couple lays 2 eggs of which mostly only one will survive. But... read more →
Oct 08

Matunkha Desktop Calendar October

Malawi has many challenges. The population is growing and people need wood for warmth, cooking, burning bricks, building. And for all these, there are so little alternatives. This picture shows the burning of bricks with wood from the area from where we get our water. This has been going on... read more →
Aug 31

Matunkha Desktop Calendar September

Aids is still around, but due to the Aids medicins it plays a much smaller role in society. Because of these medicins, less people get ill and the danger for spreading the disease is considerably lower. There is still regularly hunger and water is likely to maintain a vulnerable asset... read more →