Sep 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar September

Young girls with babies on their back is a regular sight in Malawi, usually the babies are younger brothers or sisters. More often then we would hope it is their own baby. In Malawi there is a law against the marriage of girls younger than 18 years, but the cultural... read more →
Aug 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar August

A black & white greeting from the Nyika Plateau. Our centre finds itself at the foot of the plateau, which has been a protected area for many decades now as a National Parc. The plateau is very important, not only for the unique landscapes, animals, orchids, reptiles, birds and butterflies,... read more →
Jul 16
Jul 02

Matunkha Desktop Calendar July

Life in service of the mission and helping to develop Malawi has different sides to it. The people are friendly, the climate is nice and the nature is beautiful. Opposite this there is a lack of development, initiative and responsibility. The government gets and has more difficulties by the day... read more →
May 06

Matunkha Desktop Calendar May

In Malawi you can spot kingfishers in all kinds of colours, but in a limited number of sizes. Most of them are very small, but this is the biggest of them all: the Giant Kingfisher. He is the size of an oversized Pigeon, so quite an impressive Kingfisher. He is... read more →
Apr 03

Matunkha Desktop Calendar April

Children are and have the future, but what if a culture values their ancestors more? Here we often see that the money, which was saved for the education of the children, is spend on the funerals of (distant) relatives, because culture dictates this is more important. In the west we... read more →
Mar 23

Funding from PEPFAR

Matunkha received another round of funding from PEPFAR (the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) for execution of a trainingsprogramme targeting AIDS prevention in Northern Malawi. On the picture you see the US ambassador to Malawi signing the project request, in the presence of David Goodson and Tiem Selles,... read more →
Feb 28

Matunkha Desktop Calendar March

Who likes a hyena as background on his computer; aren’t those ugly, dirty, smelly animals? Considering we sent you this picture, you might wonder wether we agree with that view. We don’t, actually. We think there isn’t much in nature that can be considered ugly; it’s a matter of perspective.... read more →
Feb 24
Feb 01

Matunkha Desktop Calendar February

Matunkha is located at the slope of a hill (the Bumba mountain) and on the edge of a valley. Rumphi is the small town in this valley and through it meanders a river: the South Rukuru. This river has water throughout the year, but when the dry season reaches its... read more →