Agricultural programs

Healthy animals – healthy people!

Matunkha has partnered with the DIO foundation to train the farmers in the surrounding villages and provide them with information on agricultural topics.

ezel training

DIO foundation acknowledges that in a lot of countries, animals are not only kept for meat, milk or eggs but also play an important role in pulling carts, as investment and status. When the flock becomes sick, the whole village is in danger.

DIO provides support and advise on animal health and keeping livestock to the underpriviledged people in the world, whatever their origin, belief or polictical conviction. An example of their support is the Veterinary Information Service (VIS): a free information service for our target audience. Moreover, DIO (financially) supports projects by working together with local organisations and aims to convince people in the Netherlands of the importance of animal health in developing countries.

Projects in agricultural development by Matunkha:

Realized projects:

Clean drinking water for more than 60 villages
Bridges for 2 villages
Fertilizer and maize seed for over 20 villages
Irrigation pumps for 14 villages

Current projects:

Donkeys in 9 villages
Milk goats in 5 villages
Donkey plows in 3 villages
Fertilizer and maize seed in 5 villages
School vegetable garden in one village