Providing quality education and financial support so that children can go to school

Tenthere Primary School provides education in line with the guidelines of the Malawian government for all children, orphaned or not. The school is managed by Matunkha Centre and has its classrooms at the Centre.

At Tenthere, preference is given to girls and orphans – the most vulnerable groups. There is no tuition fee, so all children can go to school.

The school has enough classrooms, school desks and teaching materials; all students receive the opportunity to develop to their full potential. All students receive a nutritious meal every day since nobody can study well with an empty stomach.

Education - meal

Education - meal

Vulnerable children receive extra care and attention by Matunkha’s youth workers and the volunteers in the villages so that they can complete their education successfully. A class has a maximum of 35 students.

At Tenthere Primary School all subjects are taught according to the Malawian curriculum. The Matunkha centre has a lot of opportunities to expand the lessons. Children can learn more about animal care, plants and trees, health and other topics. Children receive regular health checks and deworming medication.

This academic year, there are 9 teachers, 6 men and 3 women. Five teachers are paid by Matunkha and the other four by the Malawian government. There are also six education students from the teachers college in Karonga.

Matunkha realizes that teachers should continue to give good education and motivate children. Therefore, Matunkha provides training for teachers. During these meetings, teachers can learn from each other and encourage each other. Matunkha also helps the schools in the area to improve their teaching.

The Secondary Scholarship Fund maintains a close relationship with the regional office of the Ministry of social welfare. Students who submit a request for school support, will be screened by this office before they are referred to Matunkha.

Matunkha pays school fees and other costs directly to the schools. Report cards are also sent to Matunkha so that results are known. Students are supposed to work hard with good results and to behave properly. Once a year Matunkha organizes a youth retreat, which has to be attended by all students. Most children have lost at least one parent; some children come from very poor families that cannot afford to pay the school costs.

The students of the Secondary Scholarship Fund are visited each month by one of the youth workers of Matunkha. And they are of course always welcome at Matunkha with problems and questions. During the Easter holidays retreat weeks are held for the students.


There are 294 children at school Tenthere, 142 boys and 152 girls. 82 of these children are orphan and/or vulnerable. The High School fund ensures that over 50 children can make their education.

Read the story of Chimwemwe, a former student of Tenthere.

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Education costs € 25 a month per child. This covers all expenses, such as salaries, textbooks, learning materials, sports equipment and porridge at the school and school uniforms, textbooks, tuition and boarding costs at the high school.

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Mr. Chikoza

Mr. Chikoza, Head of the School

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Goodson Chavula, supervisor of the High School fund

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