Chimwemwe Nyirongo, former student of Tenthere 

“Yes, I also had problems like the pressure of my classmates to join. But I knew why I was here at school and who had done this,. So I worked hard and my focus is on school and beaten me through every difficulty. Moreover, I always first sought God’s guidance in everything I’ve done – that is my secret to success: God in the first place!”

Chimwemwe“Mijn naam is Chimwemwe Nyirongo, I was born on 18 maart 1994. I became an orphan when I was six days old. My father, Cuthbert Gondwe, worked as an assistant tent of a District Commissioner of Mangochi. After he was deceased, There was none of my father’s family that my mother could help to bring me great. So she took me to her parents and me there, with the help of her parents, brought up. This means that I have so far in my grandparents living from birth and now their name, Nyirongo, have adopted.

When I was six, I was allowed to Bumba school, there I went to school from group to group five. There is the possibility to be tested for HIV in 2005 I got a place at Tent Lord school where I group of six to the end, group of eight, have been. These were the years that I had good contact with the Matunkha center and especially the orphans care programs. In addition to free education Matunkha also gave spiritual and psychological support because it was a Christian school. I also got clothing where needed and every day during the break Likuni Phala, a porridge made from corn and soybeans.
There is the possibility to be tested for HIV in 2007 I passed the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE), the national exam at school. This exam I had well traveled so I was chosen to go for my secondary education to Mzuzu Government Secondary School. This time Matunkha supported me financially because I was admitted to the High School Fund. In addition to their financial support, I was also invited to the school camps Matunkha. During these weeks I learned a lot about God, about career and on HIV and health. These lessons have really helped me in my studies and in my spiritual life; I will never forget this Matunkha!

There is the possibility to be tested for HIV in 2011 I passed the Malawi School Certificate of Education Examination (the graduation from high school). Because my results were very good, I could do the entrance examination of the university. Here I was selected to be allowed to study medicine!

By God’s grace has Matunkha can help to get this far and so much of my life to make me. It is therefore my prayer that God will give grace so that more young people can be helped and make something of their lives as I have been able to do Matunkha!”