Mobilize villagers to improve health in their villages

In cooperation with the surrounding villages, Matunkha has started several community programs which are run and organized by more than 200 local volunteers. They have made it that life has greatly improved in these villages.
These volunteers are the core of all activities as they do the work. They are appointed by their village and do not receive any remuneration for their work. Matunkha has trained the volunteers in their specific area (health care, child care, orphan care, etc.) and they attend refresher courses on a regular base. These courses are conducted in cooperation with and under the guidelines of the Malawian government.

We facilitate, coordinate and strengthen the 18 community based organizations that are working together with Matunkha. The goal is that:
– All registered orphans and vulnerable children have access to psycho-social care, education, support and guidance by adult role models.
– All people infected with HIV virus have access to quality health care and psycho-social care.
– The ‘positive living’ groups are strengthened by teaching them to be open, to live in a more healthy way, to act stronger and to reduce the HIV stigma in the villages.
– Youth and groups with high risk to HIV receive the needed preventive information.
– The management of the community based organizations are strengthened to improve the results in their villages.

Our activities

Care for orphans and vulnerable children

– Strengthening of community based organizations in psycho-social care,
children’s activities and the upbringing of children.
– Weekly children’s corners at 10 different villages.
– Quarterly volunteer meetings to coordinate activities and share knowledge.
– Improvement and expansion of community based child-care centers for children under the 6 years of age.

Care for people infected with the HIV virus.

Healthcare - bezoekAIDS patients are visited on a regular basis by volunteers. The volunteers have a basic knowledge of care and nursing, health care, nutrition and hygiene. They train the caregivers and patients during these visits. If necessary, the community nurse visits the patients and prescribes medications or refers them to the hospital. Matunkha also strengths the health of HIV positive people by providing food-supplements and nutritious porridge.

There is the possibility to be tested for HIV in 2 villages and at Matunkha Centre itself. This always happens with counseling sessions before and after the testing. Couples wishing to marry are encouraged to first go for testing.

Strengthening of the ‘positive living’ groups.

Matunkha has set up ‘Positive living’ groups in several villages for people who are tested positive for HIV. They can encourage, advise and assist each other. These groups are very active in providing preventive information to espicially youth and high-risk groups in their communities. Matunkha takes care of:

– Promotion of interaction between the existing groups and teaching the members how to inform (young) people about prevention.
– Providing information about health related issues.
– Training of Church- and village leaders in prevention related issues and care for HIV positive people.

Prevention activities.

– Provide information to youth how they can reach their peers with prevention messages.
– Monthly visits to the secondary schools of the students of the Secondary Scholarship Fund.
– Yearly SCOM (Student Christian Organization of Malawi) conference for all youth and retreat weeks for the students of the Secondary Scholarship Fund.

Strengthening of the Community Based Organizations.

Healthcare - training– Monthly visits for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
– Quarterly Training of volunteers in a.o. palliative care, psycho-social care, HIV testing and counseling.
– Training of the leaders of the community based organizations in a.o. administration, reporting, proposal writing and registrations.


MOAC (Matunkha Orphans Affairs Cabinet) is a platform for youth to brainstorm about improvements for their villages. Several community based organizations have assisted to establish a MOAC group in their area. In this way Matunkha has taught them what matters in life.

Young people discuss not only what can be changed, but also join hands to work togeter to improving their villages. Now orphans have returned to school and a group of young people have helped a widow in their village to improve her house.


Over the last 6 months, more than 3,600 people have been reached through the HIV prevention program, over 450 people are active in the HIV ‘positive living’ program and 2,500 kids are reached through the kids- and youth programs.

Become part of it!

There are several community programs to support. All programs are done by volunteers who are not receiving any compensations for the work they do. Matunkha organizes regular meetings for the volunteers where they learn and share experiences. At the end of every meeting there is a meal, because sharing a meal together strengthens the relationships. These meetings cost € 1.000 per month.

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Davie Tengani

Davie Tengani, Head of Department

Goodson Chavula, Youth Coordinator

Hilde van Kooij

Hilde van Kooij, Nurse

Khumbo Kumwenda

Khumbo Kumwenda, Project Supervisor