Income generation

Income generation

Generating revenues to become self sufficient is high on the priority list of Matunkha. Various activities have been initiated in the recent years to earn money. The profits are fully donated to the center.

Malawi is not a financially strong country. A lot of goods need to be imported which makes them significantly more expensive than in the Netherlands. Unfair trade is quite common (such as tax evasion, underpaying employees and contract non-compliance), which makes it very difficult to earn money locally in an honest way.

Corn Mill

To meet the demand of the villages around Matunkha has built a corn mill in 2000. The price for milling is slightly below the regular price to help the villages around Matunkha, who helped with the construction of the mill.

The corn mill was designed by students of TU Delft and built under their guidance. There are two people employed in the corn mill.




The bakery has started to enable people to buy good bread at a reasonable price. It took some time before the sale was stable, partly because a few bakeries had a monopoly. Now Matunkha bread is widely known and appreciated!



The carpentry is the youngest member of this department. Beautiful furniture for a fair price. And that pays off!


Safari lodge with restaurant

At the center, a beautiful lodge is built. Roundavels, a camping field and a restaurant with good food spoil the domestic and foreign tourists. Also, various activities are organized by Matunkha to let tourists enjoy the friendly people, the beautiful lake, the wildlife parks with the indescribable nature and of course the magnificent animals. Read more on our Safari & Accommodation page!