Project support

Project support

At Matunkha Center, several departments support our work in the villages.

Building maintenance

The buildings are checked regularly for maintenance and termite control. Other structures such as fences, roads and water drains are maintained by this department and improved.

The Mbiriwizi water project, which provides water to more than 20 villages and Matunkha Center, is supervised by the maintenance team. The villages have committees that ensure the maintenance; major maintenance and problems are discussed and solved together with Matunkha.

Maintenance of vehicles

The center has two cars, one tractor, seven motorcycles and three bicycles. These are maintained according to a schedule with small and big overhauls. The team also takes care of filling up the cars and the transport during the village visit. For this they are aided by Mr. Khumbi Kumwenda of the village department.


Matunkha has its own guards. They monitor the premises, the houses of the people and staff. They also keep track of who is entering and leaving the center and point the way guests.

The guards rotate on a schedule in day and night shifts. They patrol the city center and to report to their head, who in turn reports to the management.

Financial department

The finance department ensures that all revenues and expenditures are accounted for and that the expenditures are incurred according to the budgets.