Virtual tour

1. Entrance gate

At the entrance gate, our security guards give you a warm welcome to the beautiful Matunkha compund.

2. Football field

Mathunka has its own soccer team which plays against other teams in the region and is trained by Matunkha staff.
The football field is used for the matches but also for the training of the pupils.

3. Maize Mill

Inhabitants of Rumphi can bring their maize to the mill of Mathunka to grind their maize to flower for a reasonable price. The mill is part of the income generating activities of Mathunka, to help Matunkha become self-sufficient in the long term.

4. Houses

On the property of Mathunka are several staff houses.
The staff is given the opportunity to rent these houses and live with their family on the protected compound of Mathunka.
In the front, you can see the sports field on which the schoolkids play during the breaks.

5. Main Hall

Each schooldays starts with an opening ceremony in the main hall for all schoolkids. The schoolkids are seated class by class, all in uniform. The ceremony consists of a story, singing and devoting the schoolday to God.

6. Bakery

In the bakery, bread and pastry are baked for the restaurant.
The bakery staff also makes a nutritious porridge of cassava and maize flour so the schoolkids can learn and play with a full stomach.

7. Tenthere School

The primary school on the compound of Matunkha consists of a nursery school and a primary school, primarily for orphans and vulnerable children (especially girls) in and around Rumphi.

8. Maintenance

All the maintenance in and around Matunkha is coordinated here.
There is a workshop for the carpenter, who repairs the furniture from the chalets but also makes furniture to sell to staff and locals.
There is also a workshop for the mechanic for the maintenance to Matunkha’s cars.

9. Finance

Matunkha currently employs two accountants, who have their officies over here.

10. Hospital

The hospital of Matunkha is built in the shape of the ‘red ribbon’: the symbol for awareness and support of HIV-infected people.
In the hospital, people can have themselves tested on HIV for free.
Activities and trainings focused on prevention are organized, and the health of the schoolkids is monitored.
Also the palliative care is being coordinated by Hilde from here. A few times a year, a special day for terminally ill patients is organized here.

11. Restaurant

In the restaurant, the most delicious local and international meals are being cooked and served.
The reception is also located in this building with beautiful garden and terrace.
Together with the chalets, the restaurant is one of the most important ‘income generating activities’ for Matunkha.

12. Chalets

The Matunkha compound is home to 7 spacious chalets, all with their own style and athmosphere.
Each lodge has access to running (and warm!) water, which is highly appreciated by the many guests that visit Matunkha.

13. Agricultural department

The agricultural department is located on the other side of Matunkha mountain, a few minutes walk from the restaurant. Our staff takes excellent care of the chicken, goats, cows and donkeys, which are being used to support villagers and train farmers on how to treat and use their livestock. The animals are being loaned to villagers to create their own flock and make a living out of that.
Matunkha is also home to a vegetable garden full of vegetables and medicinal plants. This garden is being used to train local farmers how to create a healthy garden and the variety of vegetables that can be cultivated despite the dry climate.